Nervous Patients

Nervous Patients

Many people fear or are anxious when they visit the dentist. As a result they let their oral health suffer even if they are facing a severe condition. Anxious patients often face problems with their gums; infection and chronic gum diseases. Before the problems get worse it is necessary to visit the dentist so that they can deal with it and treat it accordingly.

There are many reasons as to why people are phobic about visiting the dentist.

  • Previous negative experience.
  • Fear from dental instruments being placed in your mouth.
  • Fear from unsympathetic dentists.
  • Uncomfortable about your oral health.

With our warm, sympathetic, gentle approach to dental procedures, Shinfield Dental is here to help you overcome your fears and ensure that your dental experience is an altogether more relaxing and comfortable one!

Should you still feel discomfort at the thought of visiting a dentist, you could also book a hypnosis session to eliminate your dental phobia!

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"I had an appointment here today and felt I had to leave a review.

I am an incredibly nervous patient I haven't seen a dentist in years.

From the moment I got in the room the dentist was fantastic, she really did take very good care of me, she was totally honest when she explained the treatment I needed and gave me all of the options I could take.

I'm pleased to say she was absolutely amazing and I am going back next week to start treatment.

I would definitely recommend this dental practice."

Shinfield Dental £ Shinfield +44 (0)118 988 3178 Shinfield Dental

"Recently saw the dentist there, Dr Patel. Great dentist, very caring - patient and was calming considering I am so nervous! The practice has come on leaps and bounds since the new management has taken over. Really great practice now and highly recommend it."

Shinfield Dental £ Shinfield +44 (0)118 988 3178 Shinfield Dental

"Great visit at the Practice. I think the new owners are much better and more caring. I had an appointment with Dr Patel and she made me feel at ease and didn't rush me as I was nervous. I would recommend this Practice now."