Dentistry for Children

Dentistry for Children

Your child’s dental health is important to us at Shinfield Dental.

The field of dentistry for children is referred to as pedodontics. Dentists who work with children (children’s dentist) often specialise in the field (pedodontics). They and are trained to account for the changing tooth formation of children, the rate and speed of teeth growth, and the general attitude and nature of children as well as children’s general dental health.

We want children to have a positive experience of going to the dentist. We believe that this then establishes the way they will feel about their future visits to the dentist. To ensure your child’s teeth are well assessed, please arrange to make an appointment with our dentists and dental practice based in Shinfield, Reading.

An early start in regular routine dental visits is important so that any problems may be detected, treated or even avoided completely. So, if you’re looking for a dentist for your children in Shinfield, Reading, please contact Shinfield Dental.

Shinfield Dental provides dental services ranging from routine preventative care to complex interceptive treatment, including dental treatment for children and toddlers.

As dental professionals we believe in preventative dental care and encourage our patients to bring their children to the practice from an early age. Regular check-ups from a young age will ensure children don’t suffer from untreated dental decay with devastating effects to their growing dentition.

There are a number of preventative treatments that our team can provide for children:

  1. Fluoride applications are a safe and effective way to safeguard your child’s growing teeth from developing decay. The fluoride is painted onto the surface of the teeth, helping to mineralise them.
  2. Tooth-coloured fissure sealants are applied to the biting surfaces of children’s teeth to prevent decay.
  3. Studies have shown that the younger your child is when attending their first dental appointment, even if just for a check-up, the more likely they are to have a positive experience and to grow up unafraid of the dentist. Our team will take special care of your child to make them feel safe and cared for.
  4. Treating a child from a young age also allows the dentist to spot early signs of underbites, cross bites or overbites developing. As with most dental problems, the sooner you can start to treat it, the quicker it can be resolved.

Prevention is always better than cure, so call the practice today to make an appointment for your child.

Life Benefits

  • Healthy teeth and gums for life.
  • Reduced risk of developing tooth decay and reduced need for fillings.
  • No fears or phobias of the dentist.